Today’s women are increasingly attracted to the thrill of driving. They love beautiful cars, their luxury, their curves, whether ancient or modern.

The Rallye des Princesses has been bringing together for more than 17 years elegant, outgoing women to challenge their driving and navigating skills while bonding with friends and enjoying the French countryside in the comfort of a top-notch event.  In order to cover over 1,600 kilometres and complete several highly technical tests, the participants must bring together concentration and precision. The level of difficulty is highly demanding, and the 20 first cars exhibit particularly deft handling, both on the part of the driving team and their mechanics.

THE COLLECTOR has been excited to be part of the adventure for the first time with a British motor beauty, the JAGUAR XK 120, 1953.  Its team of glamourous women, carrying in style the alligator handbags and ostrich handbags of the brand was a perfect match of elegance and a proof women can be sportive and fashionable.


The rally started at the iconic and magestic Place Vendôme in Paris under heavy rain. The bad weather lasted 3 days following the course to Dijon, Evian, crossing the Alps and reaching Courchevel.


The last leg was a pure pleasure leading to the sun and the beautiful colours of Provence.


The Princesses got a huge welcome reception while crossing the place du Port in St-Tropez and reaching the grand arrival at the place des Lices.

 The six magical days have passed very fast and THE COLLECTOR was pleased to win the special price of elegance.

A new challenge will start next year. Stay tuned.


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